Sunday, February 7, 2010

South Side & Custom Eyes Concepts Present...

The Valiant II Evolution

Jason McCudden, owner of South Side Kustoms in Buffalo, NY and Bogdan 'Bo' Asciu, owner of Custom Eyes Concepts in College Point, NY have teamed up on a new creation. Talk about social networking leading to great things, Jason and Bo struck up a deal from one faithful posting on Facebook. Some years ago Bo had created a bike concept of personal preference. The idea was to create a bobber that was regal, like a royal chariot, but bobbed out.

Looking for some input from customers and fans for a SSK's next production design, Jason had posted a notice on the SSK Facebook group, to which Bo responded with his design dubbed the Valiant Evolution. Well the venture was on and now the Valiant Evolution is available. Gone from a concept design to the real deal with wheels and as Bo put it "[I] couldn't be more happy to be working with Jason, and to have Jason engineer this beauty. Whatever Jason builds, it's always the real deal, no shortcomings, no compromises. His bikes are super high quality."

At a fair price of $29,995.00 available only from South Side Kustoms directly, the Valiant Evolution is actually very affordable. This is no bike-in-a-box. Each Valiant is hand built, on a per order basis. Jason says "that's the way I can assure my customers that each bike is a little different then the next, by offering them options to personalize their bike". That kind of makes each bike Jason builds, pretty much a one-off. So go figure that you can have your own one-off custom steed for only $29,995.00 and know that it's top notch engineering and craftsmanship.

Check out more images of the bike at Custom Eyes Concepts Valiant II Evolution Gallery, and get more info about purchasing a Valiant of your own at South Side Kustoms Web Site or call them direct at 1-800-675-3191 and tell them "I want a Valiant!".

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