Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Helping SSK fight Breast Cancer

It is always nice to be able to join a team doing something good for someone else. In this case, Custom Eyes Concepts was commissioned by South Side Kustoms in Buffalo, New York, to recreate an SSK award winning custom cruiser, The Untouchable Bobber. The problem was that SSK didn't have any Untouchable Bobbers just laying around that could be mocked up as the Special Edition Breast Cancer version. In order for SSK to show the bike in full dress and paint, the entire actual bike was recreated in virtual 3D at CEC3D and then rendered in true realism. This way potential buyers could see the bike without SSK having to build another Untouchable Bobber until one sold. This allows SSK to redirect the money that would have gone into a build without a buyer, and focus it on promotions of the bike.

The bike is for a good cause so CEC3D did the work, over 300 hrs of 3D modeling and rendering, as a charitable donation. If it helps to save lives, CEC3D is always willing to do what they can to be a part of that effort. CEC3D and SSK come together once again, proving collaboration is the way to go to do great things.

Check out more pics in the Custom Eyes Concepts gallery. Then go over to South Side Kustoms to purchase the Untouchable Bobber Breast Cancer Special Edition. Only 20 will be made so get on it!!

For more info call SSK today at 1-800-675-3191 or go to the SSK web site at

For more information about 3D concept visualizations, visit Custom Eyes Concepts' website at

For more information about the Divas For A Cure program go to their website at

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