Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The PitBoss Custom Theme Motorcycle Concept

The PitBoss is the crowning jewel of concept designs for designer Bogdan "Bo" Asciu, owner of Custom Eyes Concepts. The artful design was conceived as one of two theme designs for the Fremont Street Experience in historic downtown Las Vegas.

Currently Custom Eyes Concepts has teamed up with Metal Mafia Customs in a proposal to build the bike after many tries before by other builders. Unfortunately the timing couldn't be worse for a project like this to be seeking funding for the build. Potential sponsors are few and far between of willing companies that aren't strapped by the economy.

Bo Asciu maintains a high level of optimism about the build and says "it may take a miracle or just a new approach but we're going to build this one way or another". Custom Eyes Concepts sure has taken a new approach and that it to make the bike a "green" custom. Their goal is to outfit the bike with one an many leading brand E-85 fuel systems thus branding the bike as officially green.

Everyone loves the design and has their fingers crossed as fans are building up behind this bike. All over Facebook and MySpace the fan base is growing. The company is hoping that one visionary company will see the value in the project and get on board with some solid support. Expressing his view of the project, Bo stated "this is not just about a couple of bad ass custom bikes and one man's ego trip, this project is about an adventure with Fremont Street for several years, designing and building bikes, cars and other crazy theme vehicles and having a blast while promoting one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world, the Fremont Street Experience "Viva Vision" LED screen. it;s a 1250ft long, 80 ft wide, 90ft high LED screen that plays, in vibrant HD color, one of a kind video productions on a nightly basis.

The combination of custom bikes and Vegas attraction makes for a very unique promotion and in the end, two lucky people can win ownership of each of these bikes in the promotion's giveaway contest. Free to sign up, when the bike build is officially underway.

Stay tuned!!

Meanwhile check out this 360° animation of the PitBoss!!